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Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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The ancient art of Chinese medicine is known throughout the world for its unique methods of diagnosis and treatment. To many, its image is that of an esoteric art.

The enormous scope of Chinese medicine can be intimidating. This book attempts to depict its fundamental concepts in pictorial form that anyone can understand. Intriguing stories about its history have also been included to enliven the reader's introduction to the wondrous world of Chinese medicine, with its vast and rich treasure trove of information. Descriptive and well-drawn comic pages by artist Fu Chunjiang also help to ease the conveyance of information throughout this book.

Even entry readers to TCM will be able to understand from this book:
- The Eight Principal Syndromes
- The Five Elements
- The Four Diagnoses
- Bodily fluids, vital energy, blood, meridians and collaterals
- Acupuncture and moxibustion, diet therapy

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Written by Asiapac Editorial
Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang

ISBN: 9789812293640
Format: Paperback
Size: 150 x 210mm
Pages: 183
Weight: 250g

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