Our Writers & Illustrators 作家与插画家

At Asiapac Books, we believe in cultivating and promoting talent through creative collaboration. Through the decades, we have worked with countless artists and writers with vastly different skills, styles, and experiences. We are proud to publish their work and delighted to share them with you. Read below to find out more about some of the talents behind the books you love:



Fu Chunjiang

Origins Series, Golden Rules of Tao Zhu Gong, Zen Inspiration, Stories of Honour, Chinese History, Modern Chinese HistoryThe Great Explorer Cheng Ho

Fu Chunjiang was born in Chongqing, China, and received his BA in Chinese language and literature. A lover of Chinese culture, he is a versatile artist skilled in different styles, in particular the traditional style of comic books adapted from Chinese classics. His illustrations feature minute strokes, and clear and bright lines that can communicate the characters' rich and sincere feelings.


Zaki Ragman 
Legendary Tales of Singapore, Gateway to Malay Culture, Lieutenant Adnan and the Last Regiment

Zaki discovered his love for drawing at around 8 to 10 years of age. Having been in the illustration and design field for 20 years, he has had experience in various roles including graphic designer, game and storyboard artist, animation director and most recently, advertising creative. He enjoys drawing imaginative fantasy characters, and his drawing style is largely influenced by the books he has enjoyed reading since childhood, including Japanese and Western comics. His many works include directing Singaporean cartoon series The Adventures of Nano Boy by Scrawl Studios and storyboarding Australian animated TV programme, The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky.

For more of his creative works, please visit www.mohdzaki.artstation.com or contact Zaki at the_ragman39@hotmail.com


Jeffrey Seow
The Complete Analects of Confucius, Legends of the Gods of WealthLegends of the Fortune GodsLegend of the Laughing Buddha

Born in 1954. Prior to his foray into comic books production, Jeffrey Seow worked for six years in the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation, and 15 years in the advertising industry. His works during this period include storyboards, illustrations for books, as well as animation. These different media attest to his versatility and creativity. Jeffrey's  works are often imbued with a deep sense of morality. This stems from his own belief that life should be ordered around the practice of values. In The Complete Analects of  Confucius, he adopted the same approach, demonstrating his practical appreciation of Confucius's teaching.


Chan Kok Sing
8 Immortals Cross The Sea, Student's Code of Conduct, Three Character Classic, Ji Gong the Crazy Monk, Zhong Kui The Ghostcatcher

Chan Kok Sing is a Malaysian artist born in 1971. Upon completion of his secondary education in 1990, he took up a course in pure art at the College of Art, Kuala Lumpur, and graduated in 1995. Since then, he has published many of his comics and illustrations in various newspapers in Malaysia. He has also illustrated the Eight Immortals series for Asiapac Comic Series. 


Tian Hengyu
Popular Chinese Jokes, Great Chinese Emperors

Born in Hejian county, Hebei province in 1941, Tian Hengyu published his first cartoons when he was still in middle school. His works cover a wide range of themes: ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, and has won a variety of awards. Among other titles, he has illustrated Popular Chinese Jokes, Best Chinese Jokes, Popular Chinese Fables, and Wu Zetian with Asiapac Books.


Ren Changhong
Genghis Khan: The Mighty Warrior, Confucius, The Mighty Qin

Ren Changhong was born in 1967 in the city of Yantai in Shandon Province, China. A graduate with a degree in architecture, Ren's forte is in drawing sci-fi illustrations. Since 1991, his work has appeared regularly in sci-fi magazines. He has also illustrated Asiapac titles like Genghis Khan: The Mighty Warrior, Famous Chinese Diplomats, and Rise and Fall of the Qin Dynasty


Jack Cheong
Top Series

Jack Cheong graduated from the Malaysia Institute of Art. Driven by his passion for comics, he entered the field of comics in 1995. Having worked as an assistant to various cartoonists in Singapore and Malaysia, he has built up a wide repertoire that includes period, modern, and sci-fi comics.


Patrick Yee
Guan Yin: Goddess of Compassion

Patrick Yee graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, London with a degree in graphic design specializing in illustration. Since then, he has been working as an illustrator and educator for many years in Singapore and overseas. He has illustrated more than 100 books, of which many have won awards. Guan Yin: Goddess of Compassion is his first comic book.


Feng Ge
Tao Inspiration, I Ching

Feng Ge was born in 1973 in Yuechi of Sichuan province, China. He graduated from the Art College of the Xinan Shifan University, specializing in oil painting. In 1995, he started working on comics, and he has since produced The Seven Lads of Yang, Celestial Eagle of the Snow, Flute Sage, and more.In 2004, he also produced the award-winning comic Tao Te Ching.


Chia Wing Fee
Gateway to Peranakan Culture

Born in 1969, Wing Fee is a self-taught artist. His first comic Amazing Asian Folktales was published in 2001 and followed by Intelligence at Work (co-illustrated with Yap Chin Siong), Gateway to Peranakan Culture and Gateway to Eurasian Culture.  



Danny Jalil 

Lieutenant Adnan and the Last Regiment

Danny Jalil majored in Multimedia Arts and studied Creative Writing and Screenwriting at LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, during which time he wrote numerous short stories and film scripts. His short film comedy "Spun" was nominated the merit prize at the National University of Singapore Student's Union (NUSSU) Inter-Tertiary Video Festival, and he has also made a short horror film titled "The Chase". He has also written movie reviews and conducted interviews for First Magazine and has had his works published in Singapore's Greatest Comics (Nice One Entertainment) and ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots). His novel The Machine Boy was a winner of National Arts Council's Beyond Words: Young and Younger Award, and he is in negotiations to publish his next novel.