Publication Services

Asiapac Books has decades of experience in collaborating with schools, non-profit organisations, and institutions in producing high-quality content and publications. 

These projects include:

  • Developing and producing comic strips for a local primary school
  • Commemorative books for industry associations 
  • Exhibition catalog for an art show

We specialise in content related to Asian history and culture, with strong capabilities in illustrated and research-based content for all ages.

The services we provide include:

  • Publication services (Print and digital)
  • Editorial services
  • Research, copywriting, copyediting services
  • Illustration services
  • Creative concept and graphic design for books
  • Production Management with external printing companies
  • Marketing services for books
  • Literary and rights agent

To find out more, please contact us at

For personalised coaching or urgent professional queries requiring a high level of customisation and specificity, please consider booking a paid publishing consultation with our managing editor. Click here for more information.