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A Page about the History of Printing

by Areet Roychowdhury Have you ever happened to wonder what produces and makes visible the letters, words, shapes, and patterns on the pages of the physical books we read today (and have been reading for centuries)? What does the word ‘print’ mean to you? Give it a thought. Printed materials are commonplace items in the twenty-first century: our tiny world abounds with books, newspapers, posters, pamphlets, and the like. But when and how did this ‘technology,’ which allows words and images designed in the mind to be transposed to paper, originate? Let’s begin with the printing press. The innovation of...

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StoryFest 2019: Make Believe

by Wan Lin How do words we see printed black and white on books come alive to conjure up a whole range of images and emotions in our minds? How do strings of words transport us to another world, another era, another dimension? Through storytelling, of course! Storytelling has always been an integral counterpart to words and books. From the 21st to 24th of June 2019, StoryFest 2019, an event to showcase the art of storytelling, will take place and Asiapac Books is excited and proud to be partnering with StoryFest 2019 to bring books to the storytelling audience! Presented...

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