SWF'23 Books Launch / Asiapac Books' 40th Anniversary

Asiapac Books had our 40th anniversary, and we commemorated the occasion through a book launch.

The launch of “Tan Kah Kee: Entrepreneur Par Excellence,” a full-colour comic biography by JDC Amane 周溢民 (Chu Yimin). Available in both English and Chinese (陈嘉庚: 卓越的慈善企业家). The graphic novel offers an engaging glimpse into Tan Kah Kee’s illustrious life. He was a beloved community leader, unwavering education advocate, and prolific philanthropist. His work made him an indelible icon in Singapore’s history. Tan Kah Kee also inspired our founder, Madam Li Kok and her family, who were involved in education and spreading knowledge.

Madam Li Kok's friends and loyal customers attended the book launch and anniversary. The guest and speaker for the panel discussion was the artist and writer behind some of the other historical graphic novels. In addition, we have exhibited a vast number of previous titles. To showcase Asiapac's achievement in publishing books over the 40 years since it started.

The event was memorable for the guests, staff and Madam Li Kok.

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