Company Information 公司简介

Welcome aboard! Let us transport you to various parts of our planet Earth, particularly the continent of Asia, to enjoy the rich cultural diversity of our world. Equipped with this greater appreciation of cross cultural insights, you can help perpetuate the beauty of each culture and make our world a more colourful and exciting place for all to enjoy.


The Company

Established in 1983, Asiapac Books is Singapore's leading independent publisher of educational comics and illustrated books designed to enhance lifelong learning. Asiapac Books publishes books in many genres, mainly philosophy, history, literature and culture. Our titles also include non-Asian themes.

Over the past three decades, with thousands of titles sold worldwide, Asiapac Books has established itself as a heritage brand in the global book industry.


Educational Comics

We employ comics and illustrations to convey ideas in a simple manner. Readers worldwide have enjoyed the ease and pleasure of learning via light-hearted writing and fun illustrations. With hundreds of titles covering all topics under the sun, from classics to recipes to sciences, our books are the perfect guide for your learning journey.


On the Global Digital Track

Asiapac Books can be accessed via multiple formats on various platforms. Our works are adopted for translation by more than 30 publishing partners in 20 countries. In 2009, we released our first e-books on both electronic and mobile platforms. More e-books will be available in the days ahead, in tandem with the growing demand.


Asiapac Perspectives

For a comprehensive overview of our diverse range of books, you may refer to the 2023 edition of Asiapac Perspectives here: download our full PDF catalogue


Foreign Rights

Our company has a long history of foreign rights trade with publishers around the world. Our October 2017 foreign rights catalog can be downloaded here. For more information, please email info (at)