Asiapac Readers' Circle

Asiapac Books to organise the first digital Singlit Comics Den for comic creators and lovers!

Asiapac Books will be hosting the first edition of Singlit Comics Den for comic creators and lovers this May 16 to 17. Originally meant to be a physical event, it has now been adapted into a digital format, bringing artist webinars, AMA panels and book launches directly to viewers in their homes.

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Loving Books publishes first project, the Candy and Friends series

Loving Books is excited to announce its first publication along with its launch: the first two books in a new children’s picture book series, Candy and Friends.

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Asiapac Books launches new imprint: Loving Books

Asiapac Books is thrilled to announce the launch of its new children’s picture book imprint, Loving Books, a children's picture book imprint dedicated to creating beautiful publications that inspire a more loving world.

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