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ECM Health Tonics 中药精识:药食进补 (中英对照)

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This volume introduces 54 well-known herbs and other substances commonly used in TCM. It explains the medicinal effects of these substances, how to identify, purchase and store them, and includes a wide variety of appealing and tasty recipes whereby they can be cooked as food for easy and enjoyable consumption.

This series is written and compiled by top academics from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and is suitable for both health practitioners as well as laymen. You will be able to:
- Tell the characteristic of medicinal herbs
- Know the usage and dosage of the herbs
- Differentiate the genuine from fake herbs
- Prepare herbal dishes to boost health and vitality

Recipe pages are printed full-colour, and comes in both English and Chinese text descriptions.

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Written by Zhou Juejing
Illustrated by Asiapac Editorial

ISBN: 9789812294685
Format: Paperback
Size: 192x255mm
Pages: 238
Weight: 600g

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