Tan Kah Kee: Entrepreneur Par Excellence
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Tan Kah Kee: Entrepreneur Par Excellence

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This is the English version book of Tan Kah Kee.

In 1890, a teenage Tan Kah Kee left his hometown in Jimei, Fujian, embarking on a journey towards Singapore to join his father’s business. He single-handedly cleared his father’s debts and built thriving rubber and pineapple businesses. He lived through the harsh realities of the Great Depression and two gruelling world wars, barely escaping Japanese capture during World War Two. Despite battling numerous setbacks, he remained a charitable and compassionate man.

Illustrated by JDC Amane (creator of Lim Bo Seng and Stamford Raffles), Tan Kah Kee:
Entrepreneur Par Excellence reveals the illustrious story of the “Rubber King.” Learn
about his challenges, triumphs, and unwavering commitment to education and philanthropy. Be inspired by the indomitable spirit of Tan Kah Kee, a visionary leader who shaped the landscape of Singaporean education.

Artist introduction
JDC Amane (Chu Yimin) is a Singaporean comic artist with over 30 years of experience. He began drawing and designing mecha in 1988, and officially began drawing manga in 1990. He has published several works and achieved several achievements in the Singapore comics scene. His debut comic Secret Files-Alpha was more than 310 pages long, setting a comic record in 1996. In 2010, his comic book VACC was the first comic title to be sponsored by the National Arts Council. He also created cosplay designs for VACC in 2011. He is a longtime comic artist with Asiapac Books, producing works like
Lim Bo Seng: Singapore’s Best Known War Hero and Stamford Raffles: Founder of Modern Singapore. His other comic credits include May’s Dream, SWASTITIAN, and CHR.
He graduated from Nanyang Technological University, studying computer engineering.

He is currently working full-time as a social worker, specializing in Medical Escort and Transport (MET). In addition, he has an IQ of 148+ and is a member of Mensa (2018-2021).

About Asiapac Books
Established in 1983, Asiapac Books is Singapore's leading independent publisher of educational comics and illustrated books designed to enhance lifelong learning. Asiapac Books publishes books in many genres, mainly philosophy, history, literature and culture. Our titles also include non-Asian themes. Over the past three decades, with thousands of
titles sold worldwide, Asiapac Books has established itself as a heritage brand in the global book industry.

ISBN: 9789811729492
Pages: 96pp
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 148x210mm
Weight: 250g
Publish: 15 Novemeber 2023

For the Chinese Edition, click here.

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