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Sacred Guardians (Pre-order)
Sacred Guardians (Pre-order)
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Sacred Guardians (Pre-order)

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SACRED GUARDIANS is the comic book prequel story to Sacred Guardian Singa: A Singapore Superhero Project, and is illustrated by Alan Bay - artist behind Once Upon a Singapore... Traders and Pioneers of Singapore!

Set in the same fictional world as the upcoming live-action Tokusatsu (special effects superhero) series developed by Singapore-based company tokuAsia, this prequel story takes place in the 7th century and introduces the predecessor, core group of Sacred Guardians - revealed for the very first time, as well as a character who would play a key role in the main live-action series “Sacred Guardian Singa”!

Filled with lively and action-packed scenes drawn by Alan, accompanied with an engrossing script by Aydeel Djoeharie – lead writer of the Sacred Guardian Singa project, this single volume graphic novel shall get you hook on wanting to see more from the Sacred Guardian universe!

ISBN: 9789811452345
Weight: 250g

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