Ronin Rat & Ninja Cat cover 2
Ronin Rat & Ninja Cat (book 2 of 5)
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Ronin Rat & Ninja Cat (book 2 of 5)
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Ronin Rat & Ninja Cat (book 2 of 5)

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None of them yet know, their paths will cross, and the fate of Heiwa rests in their paws!

Presenting the first chapter in the debut comic book mini-series by writer/illustrator Joshua Chiang (Trackless Paths, The Chronicles of Oujo). Ronin Rat & Ninja Cat is a love letter to classic Chanbara (samurai swordfighting) movies set in a land of talking animals, giant insects, a bit of magic here and there, and one really big, really destructive Daikaiju!

Written and illustrated by: Joshua Chiang

Printed in Singapore by Ho Printing Pte Ltd
Published under the imprints Wiplash by Word Image Pte. Ltd

About the author/illustrator

Joshua Chiang is an illustrator and author. He has been published by Ethos Books (Trackless Paths), and CerealBox Studios (The Chronicles of Oujo). He was heavily involved in the Singapore animation scene before this and has written for many locally produced animated series such as Nanoboy, Master Raindrop, Zigby and The Exolight as well as international productions such as Robot ARPO and also helped conceptualize and storyboard various other series.

Spine Thickness: 0.1cm
Stapler-bound, 36 pages. full-coloured

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