Modern Chinese History 1840-1949
Modern Chinese History 1840-1949
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Modern Chinese History 1840-1949

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China has gone through many challenging moments and events before arriving at what it is today. Modern Chinese History chronicles the events that occurred from 1840 to 1949, and the many important figures who changed the fate of modern China.

Did you know that the last Qing Emperor officially abdicated the throne in 1912? How about Sun Yat-sen, who played a major role in shaping modern China's history? Also the many other key political players such as Yuan Shikai, the Kuomintang (KMT), and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) involvement?

This engaging book provides readers with descriptive articles and information, with an array of illustrations acting as visual aid to break the otherwise long passages of text. Read and understand the impact all these events had that helped shape the China we know of today.

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Written by Lim SK
Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang

ISBN: 9789812295989
Format: Paperback
Size: 150x210mm
Pages: 150
Weight: 250g

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