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Chinese Eminent People

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CELEBRATE CHINESE CULTURE is an epic series of books about the different facets of Chinese heritage throughout history. China’s modernity cannot be fully understood without looking into its glorious past of milestones in scientific inventions, political exploits and artistic distinction. This series will provide the reader with an insight into one of the world’s magnificent civilizations.

In this volume, Chinese Eminent People, we look at the lives of more than 100 of the greatest and most famous achievers in all of Chinese history. Read the stories, including love, sorrow, joy and hate, of these notable Chinese: famous artists, musicians, politicians, military leaders, celebrities and scientists, whose achievements have helped to shape historical landmarks and the modern world.

How well do you know these influential figures?
* The dynastic greats, from Qin Shi Huang to Genghis Khan
* Zhu Xi, the master of neo-Confucianism
* Yue Wumu and Zheng Chenggong, both national heroes

Asiapac Books and Foreign Languages Press (Beijing) have collaborated to bring you this comprehensive coverage of various facets of the Chinese society so you can appreciate all things Chinese. Come, let’s celebrate!

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Written by Asiapac Books/Foreign Language Press
Illustrated by Asiapac Editorial

ISBN: 9789812296467
Format: Paperback
Size: 240x170mm
Pages: 245
Weight: 400g
Colour-printed pages

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