The Legend of Mazu
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The Legend of Mazu 妈祖的传说
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The Legend of Mazu 妈祖的传说

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Mazu, the beloved goddess and protector of the seas, began her life as a mortal girl in the coastal town of Meizhou. With extraordinary abilities and compassion, she defeated evil demons, saved countless lives, and ascended into immortality. Tales of her virtue, piety, and miraculous deeds spread throughout China and–over centuries–the entire world.

In this bilingual lianhuanhua-style 连环画 comic book, Mazu's adventures are brought to life with stunning illustrations by artist Koh Chin Tong. Be mesmerised by her mythology and gain new insight into the culture of overseas Chinese.




ISBN: 9789811452314
Pages: 156
Weight: 250g
Written and illustrated by Koh Chin Tong
Translated by Chong Lingying
Edited by Wang Hong

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