Zen Wisdom
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Zen Wisdom

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Zen is the art of the extraordinary in everyday life.

In this volume , we present Zen in the form of stories which any ordinary reader can understand, from countries where Zen was most influential - Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

Learn from the Zen masters through 37 memorable stories. Heed the word and example of great teachers like Hakuin Ekaku and Ikkyu Sojun from Japan; Kyong Ho of Korea; and Ly Thanh Tan and Tran Thai Tan in Vietnam.

Reders will be able to see that Zen masters were human beings like us living in this world and yet they demonstrate great spirituality.

Zen wisdom, far from being mystifying, is made accessible . So, learn about Zen through the engaging and refreshing comics which will leave a lasting impression on you.

Written by Koh Kok Kiang
Illustrated by Keh Choon Wee

ISBN: 9789812294029
Format: Paperback
Size: 150x210mm
Pages: 151
Weight: 200g

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