Once Upon a Singapore Traders book
Once Upon A Singapore - Traders
Once Upon A Singapore - Traders
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Once Upon A Singapore - Traders

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While flipping through Grandpa’s photo album of his childhood days, Aloysius and Grandpa are magically transported to 1900s Singapore. Aloysius, having grown up in a world of iPhones and movie theatres, finds himself in a foreign land, where cinemas travel around on wheels and letters take two weeks to arrive!

With Grandpa as his tour guide, Aloysius travels around olden Singapore and meets traders who once did a roaring trade—and provided invaluable service to their communities—but are now vanishing. What else will Aloysius discover during this journey? How will experiencing the past change Aloysius? Will he find out how naughty Grandpa was at his age?

Join Aloysius and Grandpa on a zany journey to the past! Just as Aloysius and Grandpa were transported through their book, Once Upon A Singapore… Traders will bring you on a fantastic and colourful ride as you get to meet the traders who are still remembered fondly by generations of Singaporeans today.

Advance Praise:

“Tina Sim and Alan Bay have done something thoroughly magical. They have revived the lost memories of Singaporean life in a medium whose potential they understand intimately... its pages explode with an impossible amount of joy. History never came brighter to us than this!”
-- Gwee Li Sui (Spiaking Singlish, Myth of the Stone)

“I wished my parents had this book... A great way to show kids what screen-free life was like!”
-- Evangeline Neo (Eva, Kopi and Matcha)

“The book, packed with engaging and informative illustrations, gives a wonderful snapshot of old Singapore. Grandparents and parents can use the book to take children on an immersive journey of what life was like in the past.”
-- Melody Zaccheus (The Straits Times)

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