Lieutenant Adnan and the last regiment cover
Lieutenant Adnan and The Last Regiment
Lieutenant Adnan and The Last Regiment
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Lieutenant Adnan and The Last Regiment

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Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi was a man who fought valiantly to defend Singapore during the Japanese invasion in February 1942. He, along with the rest of the Malay Regiment, battled the Japanese soldiers on Bukit Chandu. These great men were Singapore's last defence and fought bravely to the end, despite being captured, and even tortured.

Narrated by the son of Lieutenant Adnan's son, Mokhtar, this comic book tells the story of Lieutenant Adnan's life - not only depicting the infamous Battle of Bukit Chandu, but also the events before the critical battle and its repercussions thereafter.

Through this book, readers would gain a deeper insight into Lieutenant Adnan’s admirable character, as they will be given a glimpse of who he was, beyond his role as a soldier: a husband and father.

Written by Danny Jalil
Illustrated by Zaki Ragman

ISBN: 9789812297020
Format: Paperback
Size: 150 x 210mm
Pages: 132
Weight: 200g


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