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Stories of Courage
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Stories of Courage

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Never say 'die'! That is the spirit of eight victors who refused to give up in the face of obstacles.

•    Beethoven's tussle with the loss of his hearing.
•    Andersen's struggle against criticisms.
•    Lincoln's fight for the freedom of slaves.
•    Shan Tianyou's efforts to build China's first railway.
•    Gandhi's quest for peace.
•    Keller's search for light in her world of darkness.
•    Chaplin's bumpy ride to stardom.
•    Disney's dream to entertain the world.

Meet these famous people face to face in Stories of Courage!

Written by Asiapac Editorial
Illustrated by Huang Qingrong

ISBN: 9789812295279
Format: Paperback
Size: 150x210mm
Pages: 117
Weight: 200g


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