Journey to the West (eBook)
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Journey to the West (eBook)

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This is an eBook in PDF format.

The bestselling Journey to the West comic book by artist Chang Boon Kiat is now back in a brand new fully coloured edition.

Journey to the West is one of the greatest classics in Chinese literature. It tells the epic tale of the monk Xuanzang who journeys to the West in search of the Buddhist sutras with his disciples, Sun Wukong, Sandy and Pigsy.

Along the way, Xuanzang's life was threatened by the diabolical White Bone Spirit, the menacing Red Child and his fearsome parents and, a host of evil spirits who sought to devour Xuanzang's flesh to attain immortality. Bear witness to the formidable Sun Wukong's (Monkey God) prowess as he takes them on, using his Fiery Eyes, Golden Cudgel, Somersault Cloud, and quick wits!

Be prepared for a galloping read that will leave you breathless!

Written / Compiled by Chang Boon Kiat
Illustrated by Chang Boon Kiat

ISBN: 9789811706332
Format: eBook
Pages: 176

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