Asiapac Books launches new imprint: Loving Books

The world could be a more loving place - more kindness, more genuine connections and more books that revolve around these values. With that in mind, Asiapac Books is thrilled to announce the launch of its new children’s picture book imprint, Loving Books.

Loving Books is a children's picture book imprint dedicated to creating beautiful publications that inspire a more loving world.

The launch of the Loving Books imprint marks a return to children’s picture book publishing for Asiapac Books, a local book publisher which has mainly published non-fiction comic books since its founding in 1983. Prior to this, the publisher had only relished a short stint of picture book publishing in the 1990s, under the Twinkle Star imprint, which is no longer in operation.

“Our current target audience is focused on preschool children, though we intend to expand our range in the future,” says founder and managing director Lim Li Kok. “We also choose to work exclusively with local writers and illustrators for now, as we believe that young children will be better able to relate to stories created by their fellow Singaporeans.” In addition, the brand hopes to support parents and teachers who want to read to children using books that work best for the local context.

Besides creating beautiful artwork, Loving Books has an added mission. By promoting creativity, prioritising inclusivity, encouraging empathy, championing positive causes and building memorable reading experiences, the imprint believes that its books will act as the first step in spreading love and care all around, starting from a young age.

“With the new imprint, we hope to cultivate the future generation of readers to embrace values such as curiosity, creativity and diversity, and to inspire a more loving world that knows no barriers,” Li Kok remarks.

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