Elizabeth Choy: Perseverance, Resistance, Compassion

With a sensitivity to storytelling and thorough historical research, the dynamic duo who brought to you Lieutenant Adnan and The Last Regiment are back with their second collaborative release.

Elizabeth Choy: Her Story is a fresh take on a local Singaporean heroine who survived Japanese internment. Brought to you by writer Danny Jalil and comic artist Zaki Ragman, this action-packed graphic novel adaptation on the life of a prominent historical figure honors a story of immense strength, perseverance, and through all her hardship: forgiveness and compassion.

Writer Danny Jalil is the winner of NAC’s Beyond Words: Young and Younger Award and comic artist Zaki Ragman is a seasoned creative artist and animator, and art director. Equal parts gripping and informative, Jalil’s discerning words and Ragman’s bold artwork make the duo a formidable team.

From her childhood in the lush forests of North Borneo (now Sabah), to her role in the community before and after Japanese Occupation in Singapore, readers will get a glimpse into the tenacious and compassionate character that was Elizabeth Choy.

This book details Choy’s activism; supplying medicine, money and messages to prisoners-of-war; her foundational work as a teacher, first at St. Margaret’s School then at St. Andrew’s; and as a community leader. Her strength was proven not only through physical endurance but also her ability to overcome and continue to care for her community and even her captors. 

Stories like Choy’s inspire our resilience and togetherness through times of turbulence and crises. 

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