Wisdom from Chinese Proverbs
Wisdom from Chinese Proverbs
Wisdom from Chinese Proverbs
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Wisdom from Chinese Proverbs

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Wisdom from Chinese Proverbs is a collection of comic strips designed to illustrate wise and witty saying of ancient China. The themes of the comics are selected from a book entitled Zeng Guang Xian Wen, also known as Ancient and Modern Chinese Proverbs, compiled between the Northern Song and Yuan Dynasties.

This book contains a rich collection of proverbs, idioms, maxims, legends, anecdotes, historical facts and well-turned phrases.

Among other things, it teaches people to work hard and aim high, to respect the elderly and love one’s parents, to foster good friendships and detest evildoers.

Serialised in The Straits Times, this edition features these to enhance the reader's appreciation of the proverbs:
- Complete text of the original Chinese classic, with hanyu pinyin and English translation.
- Matching exercises to reinforce understanding.

ISBN: 9789812294227
Author: Chen Wangheng & Li Xiaoxiang
Page count: 174
Dimensions: 210mm x 150mm
Weight: 250g

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