Water Margin: Marsh at the Foot of Liangshan
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Water Margin: Marsh at the Foot of Liangshan

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This is volume 2 of 6 from the Water Margin graphic novel series:
Emergence of the Demons (vol.1)
Marsh at the Foot of Liangshan (2)
The Tiger Slayer (3) - out of stock
The Siege of Zhu Family Village (4) - out of stock
Confronting the Royal Court (5)
The Grand Assembly (6)

In Greek mythology, the beautiful Pandora opens a sealed box out of curiousity and sets loose ills such as disease, madness, crime, jealously, etc. In like manner, Marshal Hong, a trusted aide of Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty, tore off the seals on the door to a hall and set free 108 subdued demons. But unlike the Pandora's box, the demons shot out of the hall like golden rays and changed into 108 heroes scattered over the vast lands of China. Their deeds formed the heroic legend of a grand scale, which was recorded in Water Margin, one of the four greatest Chinese classical novels.

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