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Strange Tales of Liaozhai

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Strange Tales of Liaozhai, a collection of outstanding short stories written by Pu Songling in the early Qing dynasty, is presented here in comics by Asiapac Books.

Pu chose to use fox-fairies, ghosts, flower spirits and goblins in his ingeniously conceived plots to give us an insight into the life and social conditions of the Ming and Qing dynasties with glimpses of human life too.

In this comic series, Tsai Chih Chung, the popular cartoonist of Taiwan, has selected 12 such stories and illustrated them with his own dose of creativity!

ISBN: 9789971985547
Author: Pu Songling, Tsai Chih Chung (Illustrator)
Publication: 1990
Pages: 126
Weight: 200g

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