Secrets of the Chinese Palace
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Secrets of the Chinese Palace

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For 5,000 years , kings and emperors had ruled China with the palace as their power hub. Yet the common people knew little of the goings-on there, even though court affairs greatly affected their lives.

In this book, we unveil the secrets of the Chinese palace. You will learn about the physical palaces of the various dynasties of China although most of them no longer exist. Meet the occupants of the palace: the emperors, empresses, imperial concubines and siblings, eunuchs and many others, and find out how the notable ones altered the course of history.

You will be surprised to know that although authority was vested in the emperor, there were numerous occasions when others, such as the empress, concubines, eunuchs and even imperial siblings around him, supplanted his power. Renowned cartoonist Tian Hengyu now relives these stirring tales with the deft strokes of his pen to shed new insights into Chinese history. 

Written by Tian Hengyu
Illustrated by Tian Hengyu

ISBN: 9789812294012
Format: Paperback
Size: 150x210mm
Pages: 178
Weight: 250g

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