Pioneering Disabled and the Able
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Pioneering Disabled and the Able

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Pioneering the disabled and the able is a series of profiles, poignantly recounting how disabled Singaporeans have overcome their difficulties and found success in life against impossible odds. It explodes the myth of the disabled as passive recipients of charity.

Their profiles encapsulate the accomplishments and achievements of disabled people in their endeavors in scholarship, sports, the arts and sciences, and in their careers and professionals. The book gives a rare insight into the character and personality of these courageous people and and bears testimony to heir indomitable spirit, resilience and tenacity. The many anecdotes candidly reveal how they have triumphed over adversity, though blood, sweat and tears.

Written by Tan Guan Heng

ISBN: 9789810944681
Format: Hardcover
Size: 250x210mm
Pages: 119
Weight: 1000g


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