Heroin Trail
Heroin Trail
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Heroin Trail

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Heroin Trail takes the reader through the drug empire of Jonathan Kwang Jr, a Singaporean, who grew up in his father's drug kingdom in the Golden Triangle, in Thailand. After many years, he comes to the island Republic to fortify his drug trade and meet his local and regional couriers to expand his business.

It's a gripping fictitious tale of how Jonathan's Asian couriers get wiped out by authorities, and his desperate bid to trap innocent Caucasian tourists to Singapore to carry the drugs for him.

When Heroin Trail was first published in 1986, heroin was the only known drug available throughout the world. Now many more drugs are consumed, including Upjohn, Ice and Ecstasy. The author has done extensive research in compiling a current list of drugs used worldwide. Amongst these, heroin is still the most popular drug consumed by the abusers in Singapore, which is internationally renowned for its tough stand against drug abusers, including the mandatory death penalty.

Written by N.N.G Kutty
ISBN: 9789812292247 (pbk.)
Pages: 139
Weight: 220g

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