Chinese Vocabulary Builders
Chinese Vocabulary Builders
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Chinese Vocabulary Builders

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The author, Lin Shan has formulated a logical way of learning the Chinese characters, that is, grouping words having the same "root" and then deriving their meaning by applying 60 basic radicals. Studies have shown that characters with a combination of "radical" and "root" account for 85% of all Chinese characters, either frequently or infrequently used. In this title, the author has listed 60 radicals followed by 200 frequently-used roots.

Suitable for Chinese language beginners who wish to expand their vocab repertoire. A handy pocket-sized book to learn the most popular-used Chinese characters!

Complete this book with Chinese Top 100!

Written by Lin Shan
Illustrated by Lin Shan

ISBN: 981-3068-434
Format: Paperback
Size: 140x125mm
Pages: 100
Weight: 170g

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