The Sayings of Han Fei Zi
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The Sayings of Han Fei Zi: The Severe Code of the Legalist

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Legalism is a classical political philosophy propounded and practiced in ancient China. It advocates a draconian legal code embodying a system of liberal reward and heavy penalty as the basis of government.

Though Han Fei Zi 韓非子 was not the originator of its basic ideas, he was the one who combined the ideas of earlier proponents, expanded and organised them into 55 superbly argued essays. This collection of writing, which bears the same name as its author, represents the most complete set of thoughts in classical Chinese political philosophy.

In this book, basic principles of legalism are forcefully argued and illustrated by reference to a myriad of historical anecdotes, many of which have become well-known Chinese parables.

ISBN: 9789971985578
Author: Tsai Chih Chung (illustrator and editor)
Publication: 1997
Pages: 117
Weight: 150g

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