Romance of 3 Kingdoms: Guan Yu's Defeat
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Guan Yu's Defeat At Maicheng

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In this seventh volume, Cao Cao conquers Dongchuan but is wise enough not to push on to take Xichuan. Other exciting episodes include Liu Bei's conquest of Hanzhong, Guan Yu's capture of Xiangyang and how he uses water to drown the seven mighty armies of Wei. However, Sun Quan finally regains Jingzhou by getting his marine troops disguised as merchants across the river. By spreading lies to shake the morale of the soldiers, Guan Yu has to escape to Maicheng with his son Guan Ping. A true hero, Guan Yu refuses to surrender to Sun Quan and is put to death.

Written / Compiled by Luo Guanzhong
Illustrated by Li Chengli

ISBN: 9789812294975
Format: Paperback
Size: 150 x 210mm
Pages: 154
Weight: 220g

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