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Chinese Bronzes - Ferocious Beauty
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Chinese Bronzes - Ferocious Beauty

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This book illustrates the power and awe of Chinese bronzes, as well as the hopes and fears of the people who fashioned them.

Chinese bronze art symbolizes the birth of Chinese civilization and lasted through the Xia to the Han dynasty (1600 BC to 220 AD). Exquisite in workmanship, abundant in variety, unique in style, and unrivaled in beauty, Chinese bronzes were the products of the most advanced science and technology and a display of the finest artistic talents of their time.

The awesome designs — grotesque and fearful taotie (ogre-mask), soaring kui-dragons, graceful phoenixes — constitute an imaginary world, rich and mysterious, and possess a beauty that is ferocious and stunning, but definitely intriguing.

In this book, Professor Chen Wangheng, a scholar on traditional Chinese aesthetics, has made an in-depth analysis of the historical features and achievements of Chinese bronze. In these pages, he has shown convincingly that it was Chinese bronze art that nurtured the beginnings of Chinese culture, and that this art was rich in aesthetic, artistic and social concepts.

Enhanced by more than 80 illustrations and plates of important pieces, this book offers a pleasurable reading and is a useful guide to readers who are exploring the roots of Chinese aesthetics.

ISBN-13: 9789812290205
Chen Wangheng
Translation: Gong Lizeng, Yang Aiwen & Wang Xingzheng
Binding: hardcover
Pages: 224
Shipping Weight: 540g
Size: 150mm x 210mm
Language: English
Year of Publication: 2001
Publisher: Asiapac Books

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