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Origins of Chinese Martial Arts
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Origins of Chinese Martial Arts

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This book unravels the mystery behind the Chinese martial arts, or wushu, an exotic branch of traditional Chinese culture. It traces how the rough and ready brawls of Chinese cavemen matured into the polished kungfu of Shaolin and Wudang warriors. But the art of kungfu (gongfu) is more than just martial abilities -- it is also about philosophy and chivalry code. This volume sheds light on the legend of Bruce Lee, the Yue Maiden Sword and tells you more about Acupoint, Qinggong, and various martial art school styles.

This is an easy and entertaining read, and a must-buy for budding martial-art fans.

Edited by: Loh Chong Chai
Illustrated by: Jack Cheong
Translated by: Laurel Teo
ISBN: 9789812292681

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