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Return of the Condor Heroes Collector's Edition Boxset (English)

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Return of the Condor Heroes, the comic book series based on Louis Cha's martial arts novel, tells of the love story between Yang Guo and his beautiful master Dragon Girl during the turmoil of the Song Dynasty. Comic artist Wee Tian Beng’s breathtaking depictions of the heroes’ ill-fated adventures took Asia by storm in the 90’s and has since left an indelible legacy in popular culture. 

Enjoy the beloved classic and own a piece of comic book history with the new limited edition collector’s edition boxset, which contains six beautiful hardcover volumes and an autographed bookplate.

* Please note that exceptional shipping and handling fees will be applied at checkout due to the large size and heavy weight of this boxset.

Fully funded on Kickstarter, February 2020!

This award-winning graphic novel series will be repackaged from 18 volumes into 6 sleek hardcover volumes with NEWLY DESIGNED covers by the original artist, Wee Tian Beng himself.

Preview the first 20 pages of Volume 1 here. 

Only 500 units will be made available for this limited run!

This product will contain:
- Six hardcover volumes
- Autographed and serial-numbered bookplate
- Box sleeve (English edition design)

For the Chinese print boxset, click here
For the English print boxset, click here
For the English PDF eBook, click here

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