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Li Sao: The Lament
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Li Sao: The Lament

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Qu Yuan (屈原), a symbol of patriotism for the Chinese people, is also regarded as the first celebrated poet in the history of China.

Ironically, his masterpiece Li Sao, was wrought in deepest agony. Banished and helpless, he witnessed the fall of his beloved country. In despair, he finally drowned himself. Today, on the Duan Wu Festival, or Dragon Boat Festival, people eat rice dumplings and race dragon boats, in memory of Qu Yuan.

Using rich imagery and skillful similes, Li Sao expresses love of one's country and the sadness of separation. Qu Yuan's passionate desire to save his country, and his love for the people, account for the poem's splendour and immortality.

Original Composed by: Qu Yuan
Illustrated by: Yang Yong Qing
ISBN: 9789813029224
Pages: 188p
Weight: 280g

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