StoryFest 2019: Make Believe

by Wan Lin

How do words we see printed black and white on books come alive to conjure up a whole range of images and emotions in our minds? How do strings of words transport us to another world, another era, another dimension?

Through storytelling, of course!

Storytelling has always been an integral counterpart to words and books. From the 21st to 24th of June 2019, StoryFest 2019, an event to showcase the art of storytelling, will take place and Asiapac Books is excited and proud to be partnering with StoryFest 2019 to bring books to the storytelling audience!

Presented by The Storytelling Centre Limited and The Arts House, StoryFest is an annual festival that celebrates and showcases a variety of styles, repertoire and cultural arts presentations of storytelling from Singapore and around the world. With the theme of ‘Make Believe’, StoryFest 2019 invites audiences to be open to new experiences and to allow their imagination to soar as they listen to stories that are beyond belief.


StoryFest 2019 Poster

Some highlights in the Asian premieres include the epic poem of Gilgamesh, the life story of Frida Kahlo as well as Celtic and Italian legends. Family audiences will be delighted by South American jungle folktales and partake in storytelling with music. The festival also features local commissions – the Young Storytellers Showcase ‘The Wings of Love’ presenting emerging storytelling talents, and The Singapore Showcase ‘Make Believe’ featuring storytelling and spoken word artists.Through workshops and masterclasses by practitioners from Singapore and global experts, participants can identify the various ways of using applied storytelling in their daily life or in their work space.

For the first time the festival presents a visual storytelling exhibition, closely linked to mythology and symbolism in narratives. Continuing with the theme of expanding upon the visual art and storytelling, StoryFest 2019 has workshops on “The Doll Maker’s Narrative” and effigy making that focus on the process of crafting narratives through a secondary medium.


Asiapac Books booth during StoryFest media preview

Asiapac Books will also be having a booth to share the love of reading books to the StoryFest audience. We will be bringing in many children’s books from various publishers, alongside our very own publications such as “Journey to the West” and “Once Upon a Singapore…Traders”. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your children to immerse yourselves in the wonderful world of myths, magic and stories.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us at StoryFest 2019: Make Believe from 21st June to 24th June at the Arts House (Old Parliament House)! See you there!

For more info on the full programme, click on the link provided below.

Venue: The Arts House

Address: 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429

Event Website: StoryFest

Date: 21–24 Jun 2019



  1. StoryFest 2019 Official Website:

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