Parables of Zen
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Parables of Zen

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Mencius is an ancient philosopher with a modern spirit. He is regarded as the Second Sage after Confucius.Even though Mencius's thinking is more than 2,000 years old, it is still relevant today. Chinese-American Nobel laureate of physics Yang Zhenning has said that Mencius’ philosophy, which he learnt to recite during middle school, is one of the biggest influences in his life.

Some of Mencius' core thinking:

- Man's innate goodness: man was originally equipped with goodness, all men have the capacity to do great things and attain wisdom.

- Benevolent governance: Mencius stressed the importance of a benevolent government, insisting that the government existed for the people, and not vice versa.

- A strong and unrelenting spirit: a true man would never give up in the pursuit of a lofty goal, even if he is living in comfort and luxury, is facing hardships, or is under threat from violence and power.

This fully illustrated book introduces the life of Mencius and divides his core thinking into eight sections to let the readers have a better grasp of Mencius' philosophy.
PARABLES OF ZEN is a depiction of the popular Buddhist classic 100 Parables of Zen compiled from twelve sutras by an Indian monk in the fifth century. All accounts in the book are crisp, entertaining and meaningful. The stories appear unbelievable and almost absurd, but they are really full of wisdom and provide a clear mirror for reflection of the inner self.

Written by Asiapac Editorial
Illustrated by N S Chen

ISBN: 9789812294036
Format: Paperback
Size: 150x210mm
Pages: 154
Weight: 220g

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